and the ontology of symmetries in physics
3-4 Jul 2017 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts

The conference had to assess the current state of the debate on the DES and explore the relationships between this and other approaches to the ontology of symmetries in physics. To this aim, we invited submissions on the following topics:

 • direct empirical status or direct empirical significance (DES);

 • Noether's theorems, conservation laws, global and local symmetries;

 • gauge symmetries, ontology of gauge theories;

 • relational ontology, structural realism;

 • symmetries of phenomena, symmetries of models, symmetries of laws of nature;

 • and other topics in the ontology of symmetries in physics.

The anonymised abstracts in English of 1000 words maximum, suitable for presenting in half an hour including discussion, were submitted through the conference website by 1 March 2017. The scientific committee evaluated their quality, their relevance to the problematics of the DES, their contribution to the clarification of the ontology of symmetries in physics, and their novelty. The decisions were communicated 1 May 2017.

Later on, a distinct CFP may be issued in view of publishing a collection of papers on the conference topic. That CFP is going to be open to anyone irrespective of whether they participate in the conference, although the participation or attendance would surely benefit to those who wish to enhance their understanding of the topic before submitting a paper.

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